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Our farm is not open to the public & we do not have an on-farm store.

BUT we do like to share what we know and show what we do here! When we can fit it in, we host the Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking. Group tours can also be scheduled with advance notice. And, there are occasional open house events.

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Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking

SATURDAY   FEBRUARY 10, 2024  1pm-4pm

Shepherd’s Way Farms is opening its cheesemake room for an Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking class, hosted by award-winning cheesemaker Jodi Ohlsen Read. 


Join us for a unique opportunity to step inside one of few on-farm, fully licensed sheep milk cheesemaking facilities and learn about the process from milk to cheese. Students build their cheesemaking knowledge with a simple foundation of cheesemaking basics that apply to fresh and aged cheeses. Jodi teaches some essential techniques in the cheesemake room with a homescale ricotta make, a renneting exercise, and the second-day steps of a simple fresh cheese make. She also shares pointers to help novice cheesemakers sidestep some common mistakes.


The day rounds off with a guided cheese tasting and question/answer session. Guests also take home a bit of Shepherd’s Way Farms cheese. Class is for adults, registration is limited to 22 people.



Group tours are a fun opportunity to see what happens on our sheep dairy, learn about regenerative farming and cheesemaking, and sample award-winning farmstead sheep cheese. 

Tours can be customized for your group's interests and needs. A general tour is 1 1/2 hours and includes viewing the milking parlor, cheesemaking and aging spaces, and a cheese tasting. Tours are led by our cheesemaker or shepherd. Pricing starts at $350 per group, up to 30 people (additional fee per person beyond 30).

Tour dates & time are limited, weekdays only. Contact us to discuss your tour! CONTACT US


Check back for 2024 Open House announcement! Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @shepherdswaycheese for the latest news. 


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