Support farmstead artisan cheesemaking, sustainable value-added farming, and local food.  

Adopt-a-Sheep – join the flock!

Choose a name for one of Shepherd's Way Farms sheep!

$100 per sheep.

Name as many lambs and ewes as you would like to 'adopt.' We will assign the name you select to one of our beautiful East Friesian-cross ewes or ewe lambs (they are all girls, of course). 

You will receive a card with your sheep's chosen name, along with a 3x5 picture of the Shepherd's Way Flock. We will display all of the sheep names in the Shepherd's Way barn for all visitors to see.

You will be helping support the dairy sheep flock that produces the milk for Shepherd's Way Farms cheese. Your support also helps promote local food, sustainable farming, and artisan cheese.

Click HERE to purchase online, or send your Sheep Adoption Request to:

    Shepherd's Way Farms

    8626 160th Street East

    Nerstrand, MN 55053

    phone: 507.663.9040