Shepherd’s Way Farms Cheese CSA 

How you spend your food dollars does make a difference – with a Shepherd’s Way CSA you are directly supporting local, sustainable food production, artisan cheesemaking, and a small family farm. This year your Shepherd’s Way CSA membership will also help us finish the lambing barn! (Check out the Barn on the Move under our Farm) Your food choices are helping shape the future of our food systems. 

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay in advance for future delivery/pickup of product. By joining the CSA, you become part of the Shepherd’s Way Farm family, enjoying award winning artisan cheese while supporting diversity, sustainability, and small scale farming innovation. Your subscription makes a tangible difference – it helps rebuild Shepherd’s Way barns, grow the flock, and sustain small, on-farm artisan cheese production.This spring CSA memberships will also help us bring our goods to local farmers markets and keep them fresh and safe along the way. Adding a refrigerated truck will allow us to keep pace with new food safety guidelines. 



What do you get?

Traditional Cheese CSA members will receive a monthly cheese share made up of an assortment of Shepherd’s Way Farms cheese 1 ½ pounds (usually 4-6 pieces). Often this assortment includes several of our more familiar cheeses  -- Friesago, Big Woods Blue, Shepherd’s Hope,  Hidden Falls. Recently, we included our newest cheese, Burr Oak. Our CSA members were the first to ever try it! In the spring and summer, members received our hard-to-find seasonal Morcella, a bloomy rind sheep milk cheese with morel mushrooms.

This year’s members also received selections not available in stores -- a fresh sheep milk cheese (similar to chevre), Adobo Cheese Spread, Country French Spread, Shepherd’s bonbons (fresh vanilla cheese rolled in chocolate), traditional whey ricotta and more. Members also have unique opportunities to try new Shepherd’s Way products and receive exclusive invitations to member events at the farm. Last fall Chef Marshall from Birchwood Cafe created special cheese appetizers just for our member event at the farm.

Cheese Pick Up

Cheese shares are delivered once a month (second Saturday and Thursday prior to the second Saturday) to a variety of locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Northfield. Current locations include Mill City Farmer’s Market, St. Paul Farmer’s Market, Lucia’s, Birchwood, Golden Fig, and Just Food Co-op. Email us for a current list of pick-up spots. Choose your location and Steven will send you a reminder email each month.

How much does it cost?

One Year Subscription $360 
Six Month Subscription $195

Cheese CSAs make great gifts! If you’d like to give a CSA as a gift, just let us know and we will send the recipient a Shepherd’s Way Farms card with your personalized message.

Sign up online, by phone: 507.663.9040, or by mail.  .

We offer a limited number of CSA-PLUS memberships. This past year, these memberships helped bring in a new flock of ewes to expand our small flock. The new ewes will be lambing soon which will reestablish Shepherd's Way Farms milk supply. 

What do you get with a CSA-PLUS?

* 3-year traditional cheese CSA

* PLUS  3 holiday gift boxes (one per year, valued at $55 each)

* PLUS  Adopt/Name a sheep (select a name for one of the ewes/ewe lambs & receive a sheep photo and naming certificate)

* PLUS  Exclusive invitation to Lamb Day (spend an afternoon at the farm bottle feeding and caring for lambs)

How much does it cost?
$1000 for three years of cheese, adopt / name a sheep, three holiday gift boxes, and invitation to Lamb Day  
[With this offer you save $225!]

Sign up online, by phone: 507.663.9040, or by mail.