Curious about artisan cheese? Want to make cheese at home? Or are you looking for a special outing for your group of friends? 

Join our cheesemaker, Jodi, at the farm for an afternoon Inside Look at Artisan Cheesemaking!

Enjoy a unique opportunity to step inside our on-farm, fully licensed cheesemake rooms & learn about the process from milk to cheese!

Build your cheesemaking knowledge with a foundation of cheesemaking basics that apply to fresh and aged cheeses. Discover essential techniques in the cheesemake room with a home-scale ricotta make, renneting exercise, and the second-day steps of a fresh cheese make. Sidestep some common mistakes with pointers from our award-winning cheesemaker.

Round off the day with a leisurely guided cheese tasting and lively question & answer conversation. And, take home some Shepherd's Way cheeses! (Adults only please!)

Registration online through our store or by email  We only host a few classes each year so sign up now before spaces fill up!

 NEXT CLASS: Saturday Feb 22, 2020, 1-4 pm  

Click HERE to view a list of available classes and to register.